Monthly Archives: January 2016

Birds in the fields!

substation 401We are still holding a few birds as our season is starting to come to a close. Seeing more and more mallards. The shovler and pintail numbers are holding strong! One of our guides was able to snap a few pictures of these birds. They wanted to be on this particular field real bad! Mostly pintails and shovlers with a few mallards and gadwall mixed in.

substation 404substation 40





substation 402

substation 403


We had another great morning here at the Elms. Had a little bit of everything come into our spread. Our guest harvested several shovelers,  a few nice bull sprig pintails, a gadwall, and a few teal. We finished up with 18 birds! Not bad for a cold cloudy day with 20 MPH winds!!! a good day1pintails and spoons1


father and son1

These South Carolina Boys had a BLAST hunting with us. This father and son duo had several firsts with us here at the Elms. It was their first trip to Arkansas. They Both harvested their first mallard, and they both harvested their first goose. They left us with a strap full of birds and smiles on their faces!  mike1