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Cold Front

Harvest numbers have been a little low but there are birds in the area for sure. We are starting to see more and more new birds. Mallards are starting to show up and pintails are showing up in STRONG numbers. With it finally getting colder up North, we are anticipating a big push of new birds! big decoy spread2

young guns1

Young Guns

This is what its all about folks. Getting youth involved in the great sport of waterfowl hunting! These young guns were pumped up. The strap may have been light but they were jacked to be able to harvest some birds! I think it’s safe to say that these young men will be avid waterfowl hunters for a life time!young guns1

Nate and Greg our awesome guides!

A Strap Full

The T.V. Crew was at it again this morning! We had a good wind and had birds work almost perfectly. They managed to get a real nice strap full of birds this morning. Greg and Nate were pumped that their clients had such a good morning! Stay tuned for more pictures and updates.

Nate and Greg our awesome guides!

Nate and Greg our awesome guides!

banded pintail1

Bling Bling!!!

We have had several good days of hunting this week. We have a T.V. crew here and they have been getting some great video on our duck hunts. They are pretty good shots as well! They have harvested several ducks and geese INCLUDING A BANDED PINTAIL DRAKE!!! Stay tuned for more pictures and updates. banded pintail1





not a bad morning1

on the trailer1






In The Blind

Some of our hunters anxiously waiting on a group of specks! Looks like the cooler weather is starting to bring in more birds! Stay tuned for more post on future hunts!alabama boys

guided hunt 2


guided hunt 2Adam Pace of Mississippi killed his limit with our guides.   Adam was thrilled to be able to harvest his first Mallard and his first speckle belly! You too can mark birds off your bucket list with the trip of a life time with a hunt at the Elms.guided hunt1